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Bushranger's Bay

Bushranger’s Bay is an excellent shore dive with depths of only 6 to 18 metres and conveniently located at the tip of Bass Point.

This bay is considered an aquatic reserve in order to sustain the prosperity of marine life and habitats in the area. An exceptional, sheltered dive site for beginners and running east to west, Bushranger’s Bay offers two distinct sections to explore. Inner bay is 6-8 and the outer bay is 18-20m. While slightly better on incoming tide, the bay can be dived at any time. Shallow rock pools to the east of the bay are home to countless invertebrates. Continue west and dive down to the seabed where you will find fish aplenty, even seasonal tropical visitors. For the last few years the Grey Nurse shark has been spotted all year round and generally are observed gliding along the channel between the two bays. 

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