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Coron Philippines 
28th September - 9th October 2024

The Calamian Islands (often referred to as Coron) consists of over 80 islands and islets in the north of Palawan province. The main settlement of Coron Town on Busuanga Island is a lively fishing community geared heavily towards dive tourism, from here you can explore the spectacular islands and reefs of Coron Bay. Hidden amongst the jagged limestone cliffs are secluded lagoons and coves. 

South of Busuanga there are the two other major islands of the Calamian Group: Culion Island and Coron Island.

Approximately 70% of Coron Island is made up of steep, black limestone cliffs, some reaching several hundred metres above sea level. Along the coastline are white sand beaches, coves and lagoons. Behind the steep limestone cliffs hides eight brackish lakes with crystal clear water and three smaller lakes with underground connections to the ocean. Coron Island is known for having the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines, called Kayangan Lake.

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Barracuda Lake

Start with a 15-minute challenging mountain climb in full scuba gear over sharp limestone cliffs. Likened to "diving on the moon", the water temperature varies between 28ºC - 38ºC in the lake with distinct thermal layers. The resident 1.5 metre long barracuda likes to guide you around his home. Max depth: 30 metres

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