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Guided Snorkel Tour*

Snorkelling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It's your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world and provides action, adventure and relaxation - whatever you are looking for.

Snorkelling Tours take approximately 2 hours. We meet all participants at our store so we can fit you out with proper snorkelling equipment and go over paperwork. Once at the swim site you will receive a brief overview explaining whats going to happen, the equipment you will be using, some basic knowledge about snorkelling techniques and the rules that need to be followed for your safety during the tour.

We cater for individuals or groups so grab some friends and family and join us for a Tour today.

Snorkelling is an exciting activity that anyone young or old can enjoy with minimal equipment and little training. Explore the coastline and snorkel the Illawarra's top spot under the supervision of one of our experienced and friendly guides. We passionately want more people to experience and understand the complex, beautiful and diverse world that is a coral reef environment.

Please note that all snorkelling tours are all accessed from the shore as we do not run a boat.

* Must be able to swim to join snorkel tour

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