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The Gutter

The Gutter is one of Shellharbour Scuba Centre’s most popular dive sites!

It is to the north of Bass Point, safe at only 22 metres, and easy to navigate with its recognisable “v” shape. Entry to the dive site is only about 3 metres in and from there you have access to the renowned Blue Devil Cave (20-22m). The Gutter is relatively immune to weather making it suitable for all divers – for this reason it also provides a fantastic night diving experience. From this site you can also access the 'second' and 'third' gutter, which are two underwater canyons, respectively 14-18, and 19-20 deep. In the Autumn of 2022 the Gutter seems to have become a haven to the Grey Nurse shark, as a few have been spotted close to the entry of the Gutter and as far out as 10m rock. 

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