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Social Dives

Come dive with the locals!


All of us at Shellharbour Scuba & Photography are so passionate about diving and our love of the ocean, that every Saturday and Sunday morning we organise social dives, which are free to join. Please be aware that all our dives are shore dives as we do not have a boat. Also note that our social dives are instructor supervised nitrox dives, to ensure the safety, health and comfort for both customers and instructors. As we are here to take care of our divers any certified diver can join our social dives, nitrox certified or not. 

Here at Shellharbour Scuba we make it a priority to look after our divers. Therefore we offer superior hire gear for all our divers including new 7mm wetsuits as well as top notch regulators, BCD's and dive computers.

Please ring the shop to book your spot on 0242 964266. We meet at the shop before 8.30am to organise any necessary gear rentals and tanks you may require, before heading to the dive site at about 9am. Our main dive sites are at Bass Point Reserve visiting The Gutter and the Blue Devil Cave.


No matter your experience or certification level we can cater to all, so join us for your next underwater adventure.

Tank Hire
Air Tank $25
Nitrox Tank $35
125cf also available (Nitrox only)
Full Scuba Kit
Includes nitrox tank, regs, BCD, weights, wetsuit, fins and mask
Price is from pick up till 4pm same day 
Air Fills
Air Fill $15
Nitrox 32% Fill $22
Custom mix on request
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