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 Scuba Equipement Servicing

At Shellharbour Scuba & Photography, we are proud to offer comprehensive diving equipment servicing.


It is obligatory for all scuba gear to be serviced every twelve months or prior to travel. As a SDI TDI Dive Centre you have access to highly qualified and experienced technicians. Plus all services come with a three month warranty.

Yes, we are recognised worldwide for manufacturer’s warranty servicing.

If you’re in need of a refill, we have air, Nitrox, and Trimix; as well as oxygen cleaning systems for rebreathers. With more filters on our air compressors then the minimum standards, we are confident that our fills are the cleanest around. With several large banks of air we can fill your tank while you wait or duck out for a cup of coffee.

Trust us took after your compulsory annual cylinder hydrostatic inspection, VCI (Visual Cylinder Inspection) – Shellharbour Scuba & Photography is an Australian Standards (2006) approved testing facility.

Shellharbour Scuba & Photography supplies and stocks genuine parts by some of the industry’s most sought after brands from Apeks to Tusa. This means that the majority of our services are able to be completed within 48 hours. Typically, parts are supplied directly to our store in manufacturers’ kits, but in the unlikely event a part is delayed or faulty, we’ll gladly waive the hire of an item of similar or greater value for your immediate use.

Please never attempt to service, dismantle or refill scuba diving equipment at home. Not only will you void the manufacturer’s warranty but you are at risk of rendering the item unsafe and may incur severe personal harm. If in doubt, contact your local experts at Shellharbour Scuba & Photography immediately.

The team at Shellharbour Scuba & Photography take diver safety very seriously. If you’re looking for a trusted diving equipment service, look no further, and contact us or see us in-store today!

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