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Black Manta 10000LM Video Light

Our Price $1280

The Black Manta 10000 lumen professional multifunction LED Underwater Video, Photo, Focus and Fluorescence Light is great for underwater photography and videography. Restore the magnificent underwater scenes with accurate colour rendition. and colour temperature; your video and photos will look natural.

This dive light has a 120° beam angle for wide area illumination and comes packed with great features such as :


One button switch on each side:

Right button for white in 4 power setting
Left button for red and blue light

White 100%/75%/50%/25% power


  • Waterproof to 100 metres

  • Made of High-grade aviation aluminium alloy

  • Tempered optical front glass 

  • 120° beam angle

  • Burn Time: 60 minutes at 100%

  • 50,000 Hour Led lifetime

  • Size  130mm long and 65mm diameter

  • Weight 606g on land including batteries  and 420g under the water

  • USB charging 


  • Video Light

  • travel case 

  • spare o-rings

  • wide-angle diffuser

  • charging cable

  • standard 1" ball mount.


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