Post Dive Maintenance Tips

Whether you’re a professional diver, social diver or only dive on holidays – it’s always essential to clean and maintain your scuba diving gear post dive to ensure its lifespan.

Your expert team at Shellharbour Scuba Centre are always on hand to assist you with our manufacturer’s warranty services recognised worldwide. Please never attempt to dismantle or refill your scuba diving equipment but here are some do-it-yourself tips that you can safely do at home:


Ensure dust cap is dry and firmly in place before soaking regulators to soften dried salt particles. Do not push purge buttons whilst rinsing, as water can enter and travel back to the first stage causing damage. Pay attention to everything that swivels. Check compass bezel for sand particles. Pull back hose protectors to inspect for bulges, tears, abrasions, or corrosion of metal parts, and to allow drying. Rinse under warm-medium running water (not hot), allowing water to enter the mouth pieces.


Soak both inside and out. Gently quarter fill the bladder with fresh warm water, inflate, then swill it around before emptying through all dump valves. To dry your BCD, inflate slightly and place on a plastic or wooden hanger out of direct sun light.


Never leave completely empty with valve open. Rinse off, paying particular attention to tank valve and under tank boot. Finish off by opening valve with a short blast to clear out any water.

Wet Suits, Booties, and Gloves

We strongly recommend the use of a conditioning wash that is anti-bacterial and deodorises. These washes will help to preserve, maintain suppleness, help prevent fading, and prolong the life of your gear.

All equipment should be soaked, soaped, brushed, rinsed, and where possible, kept out of the sun to prevent UV damage. If equipment is to be left assembled for extended periods of time (as when on dive vessels), ensure you rinse it down with fresh water during the day and especially before retiring for the evening. Do not hang equipment on metal hangers or drape over wire clotheslines – use purpose made hangers (available in store) to reduce tension on stitching and maintain shape. Store all equipment in a dry place whenever possible.

If in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact your friendly team at Shellharbour Scuba Centre today!