Travel the world with the experts at Shellharbour Scuba Centre – we guarantee a holiday you will never forget!

If you love scuba diving and are ready to explore beyond your local dive site, book now for one of our many upcoming overseas group departures. We’ve exclusive holiday destinations for all divers including families, wreck divers, or more advanced technical divers. We are a proud member of Dive Adventures, the scuba diving holiday specialists. So you can rest assured you’re in safe hands when travelling with us!

Group Departures:

Borneo, Malaysia
August 4 — August 14

Dive into Borneo with Shellharbour Scuba Centre – we guarantee an adventure you’ll never forget. Kapalai Island was once a beautiful island some 200 years ago. Affected by the forces of nature, erosion has since reduced the island to sea level and it now consists of only a mile long sand bar. A unique Malaysian … more » “Borneo, Malaysia”

Galapagos Islands
March 9, 2019 — March 22, 2019

  Dive into the Galapagos Island with Shellharbour Scuba Centre – we guarantee an adventure you’ll never forget.   The “Enchanted Islands” of Galápagos are found in the Pacific Ocean, 926 kilometres west of Ecuador. 720 km to the North is Cocos Island and to the south is Easter Island and San Felix Island at … more » “Galapagos Islands”

Fiji Beqa Lagoon
July 6, 2019 — July 13, 2019

Dive with the Tiger Sharks!   Beqa Island lies just 10 kilometres off the south coast of the main island of Viti Levu. The fringing reef around the island and the barrier reef (68 km) around Beqa Lagoon is one of Fiji’s premier diving and snorkelling locations. Both are made up of colourful coral developed … more » “Fiji Beqa Lagoon”

Booking with Dive Adventures

  • All tickets and itinerary will arrive approximately ten (10) days before travel.
  • Shellharbour Scuba Centre and Dive Adventures highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to ensure you are covered for loss of luggage, cancellation fees, and medical expenses, including for diving emergencies. Please visit Aussietravelcover (Agency ID#13406) for an instant quote or to apply online. Contact Shellharbour Scuba Centre today for brochures or if you require an application form.
  • You must notify your tour leader if you have any special medical requirements. Some medication may behave differently when you are scuba diving.
  • Please seek professional advice from your physician regarding essential travel vaccinations prior to travel. Shellharbour Scuba Centre recommends immunisation against Malaria, Hepatitis A & B, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Typhoid, and Rabies. For further information, contact Travel Vax on 1300 360 164.
  • It is the traveller’s (your) responsibility to ensure their passport(s) and visa(s) are current, with a minimum of six (6) months (and at least two (2) blank pages) remaining prior to travel.
  • Shellharbour Scuba Centre recommends you limit your luggage to two pieces – one large backpack for diving gear/clothing plus one small carry-on with a t-shirt, shorts, toiletries, essential travel documents, and money (in case your checked baggage fails to arrive). Please verify the checked baggage allowance with any corresponding airline(s) prior to packing. For more information regarding security, including the transport of liquids, aerosols, and gels, please visit TravelSECURE.
  • Shellharbour Scuba Centre strongly suggests all scuba diving equipment is serviced prior to travel to best ensure your safety. If you are unsure of the necessary equipment to pack (as some may be provided by the accommodating resort(s)), please don’t be afraid to contact our friendly team.
  • Dive computers allow divers to make the most of their overseas exploration with an increased ability to stay submerged for longer. In some cases, they are compulsory; particularly upon live-aboards where three (3) to four (4) dives are conducted over multiple days. For more information, please contact your experts at Shellharbour Scuba Centre.
  • Please visit Dive Adventures for a complete list of booking terms and conditions.