Numbray (Coffin Ray)

Hypnos monopterygius
Image by Sylke Rohrlach.

The electric rays are a group of flattened, cartilaginous fish with enlarged pectoral fins, that comprise the order torpediniformes.

They are known for being capable of producing an electric discharge. Numbray have a rounded pectoral disc with two moderately large, rounded-angular (not pointed or hooked) dorsal fins, and a stout, muscular tail with a well-developed caudal fin. The body is thick and flabby with soft, loose skin devoid of dermal denticles or thorns. A pair of kidney-shaped electric organs are found at the base of the pectoral fins.

They are bottom dwelling fish, found from shallow coastal waters down to at least 1,000 metres depth. They are sluggish and slow moving, propelling themselves along with their tails, rather than using their disc-shaped bodies (as other rays do). They feed on invertebrates and small fish. They lie in wait for prey below the sand, or other substrate, using their electricity to stun and capture it.