Shellharbour Scuba Centre’s local open water dive destination is, of course, the Bass Point headland.

Located just south of Shellharbour Village, Bass Point Reserve is 72 hectares of unspoilt, heritage listed coastal rainforest. It is home to Bushrangers Bay, not only very popular for diving and snorkelling, but also offers shelter to vast marine life – some of which are rare to the south coast.

Bass Point boasts a natural rocky shoreline with sandy embayments and is highly regarded for its pristine condition as a relatively undisturbed environment. It supports a variety of endangered fauna and flora species – including the endangered grey nurse shark.

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“The maritime landscape around Bass Point Reserve also contains a number of shipwrecks and archaeological evidence, dating from 1879. The most significant and well known, the Cities Service Boston, was wrecked in May 1943 and a memorial was erected at Boston Point to commemorate the Australian lives lost in the rescue.” – NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

Shellharbour Scuba Centre has access to the many, varied dive sites on offer around the promontory. Including visitors to Shellharbour, Bass Point is great for beginners through to seasoned scuba diving professionals – we guarantee an unparalleled adventure.


Social Dives
The team at Shellharbour Scuba Centre conduct regular dives, and invite all who are interested to join our social dives – led by non-other than Mick himself – in the morning, afternoon, and at night. Our morning dive is relaxed and easy, starting at 8.30am, and normally visiting The Gutter and the Blue Devil Cave. In the afternoon, from 1.00pm, we step it up a notch for those up for the challenge. Buy or hire a DPV, travel with the team to Kiama, and, weather permitting, scout the blowhole. Night dives are generally on Fridays from 5.30pm and allow you to revisit your favourite Bass Point dive sites to see how they differ from the daytime. Last but not least, we also offer “Tech Sundays,” where every third Sunday of the month we schedule technical dives for advanced open water divers (with a minimum of 50 logged dives) – starting from 1.00pm.

Bass Point Dive Sites:

The Gravel Loader

The Gravel Loader dive site is a functioning jetty located on your way to Bass Point Reserve. It’s accessible via the boat ramp east of the loader and is generally well-protected from prevailing conditions. It is home to the remains of a former jetty, lying parallel to the west. At the end of the loader … more » “The Gravel Loader”

The Gutter

The Gutter is one of Shellharbour Scuba Centre’s most popular open water dives. It is to the north of Bass Point, safe at only 24 metres, and easy to navigate with its recognisable “v” shape. Entry to the dive site is only about 3 metres in and from there you have access to the renowned Blue … more » “The Gutter”

Blue Devil Cave

In about 18 metres of water and crawling with life, the Blue Devil Cave is a must-see diving location. You are required to swim a reasonable distance to reach the cave (about 150 metres) but you will be rewarded with the beauty of the Sydney pygmy pipehorse. It is the ideal setting for underwater photography … more » “Blue Devil Cave”

The Cities Service Boston

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 marked the 70th anniversary of the Cities Service Boston running aground at Bass Point. The wreck is one of a convoy of United States 9,000 ton tankers in 1943, during World War II, scouting the area for Japanese submarines. The entire 62 man American crew survived but, north of Bass Point … more » “The Cities Service Boston”

Lou’s Rock (Reef)

Located to the north-east of Bushranger’s Bay is this rocky outcrop which features some of the most diverse marine life to be found on the south coast. The north of the island is home to a shallow, kelp forest (reef) about 6 metres deep. To the south, the rock slope steeps 30 metres underwater before … more » “Lou’s Rock (Reef)”

Bushranger’s Bay

Bushranger’s Bay is an excellent shore dive with depths of only 6 to 18 metres and conveniently located at the tip of Bass Point. This bay is considered an aquatic reserve in order to sustain the prosperity of marine life and habitats in the area. An exceptional, sheltered dive site for beginners and running east … more » “Bushranger’s Bay”

The Arch (and Cave)

As per its title, this dive site curves 15 metres overhead divers with a sand floor that twists right and upward. The arch features aquatic growth about the roof and walls, but with Shellharbour Scuba Centre, you’ll also be made privy to a hidden cave. This is a great location for spotting Australian giant cuttlefish … more » “The Arch (and Cave)”

The Hole in the Wall

Described by the team at Shellharbour Scuba Centre as awesome – The Hole in the Wall dive site concludes the many great scuba experiences on offer at Bass Point. South of the reserve and only around 8 metres deep, the Hole in the Wall is teaming with schools of fish. Conditions must be very calm … more » “The Hole in the Wall”

Kiama & the Blowhole

Scuba diving with Shellharbour Scuba Centre is not limited to Bass Point. One of the team’s favourite dive adventures is just 15 minutes south of Shellharbour; Kendall’s Beach and the blowhole. There are a number of caves along the right-most shore of Kendall Beach that offer some great treasure hunting opportunities for those interested in … more » “Kiama & the Blowhole”