Emergency Oxygen Provider

Image by smellslikeupdog.

The PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider speciality course is not limited to Rescue Divers or Divemasters. At Shellharbour Scuba Centre, we’d prefer all students were primed for absolutely everything – including knowing how and when to use emergency oxygen – you could save a life. This course enables students to recognise scuba diving illnesses treatable with emergency oxygen and prepare them to offer aid. You’ll learn about dive injuries, different types of emergency oxygen equipment and safety considerations when using oxygen. Then you’ll practice assembling and disassembling emergency oxygen equipment; deploying a non-rebreather mask and a demand inhalator valve on a breathing diver; using a pocket mask on a non-breathing diver.

There are no prerequisites as water sessions are not required to earn this certification. It is highly recommended that anyone around scuba divers such as fellow divers, snorkelers, boat crew, and lifeguards consider this training.